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Food Traceability

The Seed to Growing Safety and
Efficiency in our Food Supply

Food Traceability is the capability of tracking food through
production and distribution. News stories have focused on
tracking food through the supply chain in order to reduce risk.
Food traceability and supply threats continue to be reported
in the news today. The media frequently mentions consumer
concerns over safety, tampering, and even bioterrorism.

A good traceability program provides a vital tool for
marketing, food safety and supply management. These
programs provide reassurance to both consumers and
growers. They inform consumers about produce attributes
such as the variety, grower and important dates. Traceability
is not only newsworthy, but a great investment. Food industry
analysts estimate that American companies spend millions
each year on supplying produce to the market. The ability to
reduce these costs frequently makes the difference between a
successful and failed farm. A company's traceability program
is essential to establishing the most efficient ways to produce,
pack, warehouse, and distribute food products.

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